Do you believe in angels??

Do you believe in angels/guardian angels?

Something hapened to me a few months ago that I have been trying to make sense of but just can't
! It may not seem like a big deal to people reading this post and some people may even think I'm crazy to feel that maybe it is a guardian angel protecting me! Tell me what you think!!

As you may or may not know, a few months ago I saw messages on my dads Ipad between him and his misstresses.
One of the messages I saw were coming from a woman named Angie, and the other was from a no name (so only their number showed).  For 2 months I kept it a secret from my mom and brother (the fact I saw these messages and knew my dad was having an affiar.)   

The one conversation seemed more suspicious than the other (the one with only the number showing.)  For those 2 months I tried to track down this number by
typing it into google DAILY, on my phone, my laptop, my desktop etc. These days people put all their info all over the web, I was so surprised when not one thing popped up for this number. As time went by I was so desperate to find out who this person was that I even almost paid one of those B.S websites that promise to track down any number lol.

Long story short, in december (almost a year ago) my dad had his heart attack, my mom went in to pay bills and realised my dad had opened another phone account under his name. The other account was the exact same number I had been trying to track down.  (At this point my mom had reason to believe my dad was cheating FYI)  She typed that number into google and *BAM*, up popped all these sleezy adds, old and new, this woman was a prostitute! Her facebook page also came up as well!!      It's been almost a year and I still can't seem to understand how that is possible. I literally tried looking up this number every day for two months and not one suspicious thing ever showed!! 

I can't help but feel "something" or "someone" was protecting me or looking out for me. I just feel like I was already dealing with enough at that time finding out this stranger was a protsitute would have thrown me over the edge!

haha what do you think fellow readers? Could it maybe be my guardian angels protecting me from hurt or maybe it's just a coinsidence?? Either way I think about this often. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. It just amazes me to this day I can type that number in google and right away comes her facebook page and recent adds!


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  1. souljasaysay

    i definetly believe in angels and gaurdian angels… my first love died in a wreck when i was only 19… hes was my best friend in the whole world, the only person i could never grow tired of… a wk or so after he died, i got a txt from his phone that was already shut off and in the possession of his grandpa that could barely use a cell phone to call, let alone txt that said “calm down tiger(a personal phrase no one but me and him ever heard) everything is ok, I AM IN GOD’S HANDS NOW” …i checked the phone the next day when i saw his grandpa, it wasnt in the phone and no one had used it bc he had shut it off…. a month or so after that i had a particulary bad day, and on my way home from work i rolled my jimmy 3 times, my last thought before the wreck was remembering his mother had told me she wished i had died that nite as well… i walked away from a terrible wreck with only one tiny scratch, it was a couple days later when my friends starting pointing out the hood of the vehicle looked like it had his name scratched in it..from one angle you could clearly see “damon” across it, from another it resembled “general”, which was his nickname… so i definately believe, and i know that God wont give you more than you can handle, that was prolly exactly what He was doing!

    November 19, 2013
  2. daddyproblems

    wow!! That’s incredible!! Reading that actually gave me the chills!! So very sorry about your loss, that must have been so difficult but thank you for sharing your very special story that really touched me!!!

    November 19, 2013