Who do you trust?

Do you have someone you 100% trust with everything in you? When you say "don't tell" you feel certain they won't?  I feel these days thats really hard to come by! Who is your go to person?

I'm not referring to my daddyproblems, just in general!

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  1. caliope

    My husband!

    December 04, 2013
  2. rosettabell

    I have had a few. One of my cousins we talk about any and everything and I never have to worry about her saying a word. One of my aunts there are things she knew that no one knows (she passed away) and at one time my now ex. I told him a lot about myself but truth is I still trust him. I know that the things we shared are between us. But your right trust is rare and you can only hope to be lucky enough to find one person you feel comfortable with to expose yourself.

    December 04, 2013